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What can be saved

  "Réparations" l'exposition  

What can be saved
Coral, Cythère wood, iron blades
210 x 120 x 90 cm


This sculpture should never have existed.

Usually, we do not work with a dry, weak wood. It's not "profitable", "sustainable". But I carved this tree trunk by hand to remove all the rotten wood, all that was already dead, to go to "what can be saved".
And then I tried to repair it, to restart it, with the precautionary treasures necessary to weld iron blades on a dry wood which can burn at the slightest contact with fire.
More than once I almost burned "what can be saved", with an inadequate, too heavy industry. I broke the balance. It was moving again, but it was falling. It was necessary to repair the balance, rather than fix it on a base like someone's feet in the concrete, conscious this time that any repair is a heavy modification, with the cost of definitive changes.




The "Reparations" exhibition is formalized around 5 axes:

- A skull without face / Reliquaries
- Reparations / Simulacra
- The factory of black / Moun Brilé
- The School of Beauty / Educational Workshops
- What can be saved

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